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Mission Statement               

Family Crisis Support Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness in SWVA, specifically the counties of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, and Wise, as well as the City of Norton.

1. We provide safe and supportive shelter in which homeless victims, victims of domestic violence, and victims of sexual assault can escape abuse, recover, and examine their alternatives. Our facilities are clean and we use for all of our plumbing maintenance such as unclogging, fixing of burst pipes and so on and so forth.

2. We provide court advocacy, transportation, children's services, supportive services and job skills assistance to allow them to make a permanent change in their current situation.

3. We provide support to establish and maintain a new ongoing lifestyle by allowing them to find and establish new living arrangements.

4. We educate and solicit support from all communities in our serving area to assist victims through volunteer work, and in-kind donations and monetary contributions.


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HOPE House Domestic Violence Shelter

Guest House Homeless Shelter

Treasure Chest Thrift Shop

24 hour Crisis Hotline

Sexual Assault Program

Prevention/Education Program

Volunteer Program

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Family Crisis Support Services History

In January 1982, Family Crisis Support Services became incorporated. This was two years after individuals from local agencies began meeting to discuss the need for services for abused women and their children. A needs assessment had determined a lack of services for domestic violence victims. As word spread about the need for a shelter in the area, more people from surrounding counties became involved.

In July 1982, the first Board of Directors of FCSS held its first meeting, setting the service area to include: Wise, Lee, Scott, Dickenson, Buchanan, Russell counties and the City of Norton. In August of that year, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation increasing the marriage license fee. This fee helped make funds available to operate shelters for domestic violence victims.

In January 1983, FCSS received a grant and in April of that year hired its first Executive Director. A house was chosen to serve as the shelter and HOPE (Housing Offered to People in Emergency) House began taking clients in September, 1983. The original HOPE House was too small and many domestic violence victims were turned away. A larger house was located and HOPE House moved to its current location in October 1984. FCSS sent out its first newsletter in February 1987 called the HOPE House Hearth. Today FCSS still sends out newsletters, not quarterly, to over 700 agencies and individuals.

Over the years Family Crisis Support Services has continued to grow and add new programs. FCSS has always depended upon volunteers to provide services and that has not changed. The Domestic Violence program has continued to offer many of the original services such as a 24 hr. toll-free hotline, emergency shelter, crisis counseling, information, referral, and transportation. It has also expanded to provide court advocacy, an aftercare program, domestic violence support groups, a children's program, a prevention/education program, and an outreach office in Lee County, which can also provide temporary shelter to victims.

The idea for a thrift shop originated as a way to have used furniture available for residents moving from HOPE House and as a way to offer used furniture to the community at a minimal cost. This was discussed for about two years before the shop finally opened in Aug. 1992. The shop opened selling used clothing, household items, and furniture with the proceeds benefiting domestic violence victims. The Treasure Chest was originally named Hope Fore The Future Thrift Shop. The new name was chosen from suggestions from the community in 2001. The Treasure Chest is just that, you never know what treasures you will find if you look closely. If you ask someone in Norton where the shop is, they are likely to tell you it is in the Ramsey section, in a big red building that used to be called the Bargain Barn. This program serves FCSS and the community in many ways. It provides needed items to FCSS clients; inexpensive items to the community; gives people in the community a way to help FCSS, either through donations or volunteering to work at the shop; and the proceeds still benefit FCSS programs. On July9, 2003, FCSS opened a second thrift shop, located in Pound. The new store located at 8463 Main St., Pound, is called Thrifty Treasures.

As FCSS expanded its outreach and programs, it also recognized the value of diversity in fundraising efforts. This led to the organization exploring various avenues for additional revenue to support their services, including participation in the Virginia Lottery. The Virginia Lottery, while providing a fun and exciting pastime for many, is also an important source of revenue for many public programs and nonprofits like FCSS. Every ticket purchased not only gives players a chance to win but also contributes to a worthwhile cause.

The importance of checking lottery results from official sources cannot be overstated. FCSS, while not directly managing the lottery participation, emphasized this point during their fundraising drives. It was crucial to ensure that participants did not fall victim to scams or misinformation about their lottery tickets. The Virginia Lottery's official website and app provide the most accurate, up-to-date information on draw results, ensuring that all winners get to claim their prizes and that those funds go where they are needed most.

Moving forward, FCSS continues to leverage these fun, community-oriented activities like the Virginia Lottery to generate additional support for its programs. They continue to advocate for responsible participation, encouraging supporters to check their numbers through the official Virginia Lottery channels. Whether they're providing emergency shelter or conducting prevention programs, FCSS remains committed to serving the community, and the lottery - when played responsibly - is just one way people can contribute to their important mission.

In July of 1999, FCSS opened a sexual assault crisis center in Dickenson County. This office provides needed services to victims/survivors of sexual assault. Also in 1999, Family Crisis Support Services assumed the homeless program from Appalachian Family Ministries. In January of 2001, Guest House was opened as the new homeless shelter serving Wise, Lee, Scott, Dickenson, Russell, Buchanan, and Tazewell counties, and the City of Norton. Guest House offers emergency shelter, system advocacy, referrals, and case management.

Main Office:



701 Kentucky Ave.

Norton, VA  24273

Executive Director: Susan Mullins