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Volunteer & Community Education Program

The Community Education program at FCSS is responsible for creating and providing an awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness issues in the communities we serve. The CE program disseminates and distributes information regarding these issues and FCSS services. FCSS mails out quarterly newsletters to over 700 agencies and individuals. Education programs are provided to the community through annual seminars, presentations in schools, in service programs for agencies, civic groups, and churches. If you are interested in having someone speak to your group please contact Janet Mullins at 276-679-7240.

Staff are available to present any of the following topics:

Domestic Violence Presentations/Trainings

Domestic Violence Awareness Activities

Dating Violence Prevention Programs

Sexual Assault Prevention Training

Sexual Assault Awareness Programs

Law Enforcement's Response to Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence 101

Violence Against Women Prevention

What is Sexual Harassment?

Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships

FCSS Agency Services Presentation

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Work to End Domestic Violence-Business Response Training

Screening for Domestic Violence-Medical Professionals Training

DV/SA Training for Childcare Providers



Volunteer Program

Volunteers are always in demand at HOPE House. Volunteering is an opportunity to learn new skills, develop talents and provide community service.

Family Crisis Support Services (FCSS) offers a unique opportunity to college students majoring in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work or any related human service field. Interns who complete the training and work at HOPE House or Guest House will gain an understanding of domestic violence issues, learn and use listening skills, become aware of shelter policies and procedures, learn about community resources and referral practices, experience crisis intervention, work with families in crisis and gain a working knowledge of the domestic violence laws and court procedures.

Volunteers can volunteer one time or on a continuing basis. Even if you only have a few hours each week, FCSS could benefit from your volunteer time. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at FCSS, please contact Lucy Mullins at 276-679-7240. There are volunteer opportunities available in all FCSS programs.

Hotline Volunteer

Clerical Volunteer

In-Shelter Volunteer

Sexual Assault Volunteer

Child Care Volunteer

Aftercare/Outreach Volunteer

Treasure Chest Volunteer

Out-of-Shelter Volunteer